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Personal Banking

Here at the Bank of Lumber City, we take pride in providing flexible loan products as well as a variety of deposit products to meet your needs. We also strive to provide the best customer service by treating you like the friend you are - not just a number. Just like in the past and in time to come, we are "Home Owned, Home Operated for Home Folks".

Regular Checking

Our Regular Checking account is our most basic checking account that provides the least cost for account holders who do not make many transactions each month. This account has no monthly fees if the balance requirements are met. This account is free for Full Time Students or Senior Citizens.

Trojan Club Checking

Show your support for the Telfair County Trojans with our Trojan Club Checking account. It is simply FREE checking. No monthly service charge, no minimum balance, no limits on check writing. For our Trojan Club account you must purchase and use our designated Trojan Club checks.

NOW Account

A NOW Account is a special type of personal checking account that earns interest, if the balance requirements are met, but is limited by the number of transactions that you may have each month. This account is good in situations where the balance requirement will always be maintained and there are few monthly transactions needed.

Regular Savings

Our Regular Savings Account is a basic interest bearing account with the lowest minimum balance requirement to open and to maintain. Therefore, this account is great for someone just beginning to save for the future, to use as an overdraft protection to a checking account, or just to save up a safety fund for emergencies.

Money Market

A Money Market Account is a savings account that earns the highest interest rate, while keeping your money accessible. The interest rate on a money market account is higher than the rate on a regular savings account and just slightly lower than the rate on a certificate of deposit. This is a great account for budgeting a certain amount to be deposited monthly for a long term savings or to use as an investment holding account while in-between investments.

Child Savings Account

Our Children’s Savings Account is a great way to introduce children to the importance of saving money and planning for their financial future. We have lowered the minimum balance to open a savings account for children to $25.00 in order to help them get started as young as possible. Starting a savings account at an early age will help lead to better financial habits in the future.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer traditional Certificates of Deposit with competitive rates. For a minimum deposit of $1000, CD’s can be opened for a variety of time periods, with higher interest rates than other savings accounts. We also offer Individual Retirement Accounts. Stop by today and let us help you meet your savings and retirement goals with products from the Bank of Lumber City.